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Total Distribution on start 1,000,000,000,000,000 SkyCat

Token already Burned 51%

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What is SkyCat?

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Superfair token distribution

Only 1% of the tokens are held by the team. 50% were irretrievably burned right at the start. 99% of all remaining tokens are available for the community. This guarantees a truly uniquely fair distribution.

The mechanics behind Skycat

Each transaction triggers various internal processes. 5% of each transaction is automatically and irrevocably added to the liquidity pool (For better liquidity we start with 10% in the first few weeks). 3% are automatically distributed among all holders. 2% are irrevocably destroyed.

The thought behind it

We wanted to create a token that was safe, fair and available to everyone. The entire smart contract is freely accessible to everyone. The more awareness SkyCat gains, the more the entire community benefits. In addition, a transaction currently costs just 0.15 USD

Roadmap to Sky

JUNE / JULY 2021

Research & Development

The entire smart contract was completed and extensively checked. 2 independent liquidity pools were created. The first version of the website has been completed. The first marketing activities have started. The first tokens have been distributed internally and are being frozen. The community can contribute to the development of SkyCat at any time. See also the FAQs


Liquidity and Airdrop

Further liquidity is added to the existing pools. New pools are created. The first free token distribution to the community begins. After the airdrop, all remaining airdrop tokens will be destroyed (Airdrop / incentive token distribution = 20% of all tokens)! There will be no second airdrop round. After the airdrop, everyone has the opportunity to add liquidity to the pool themselves and gain extra earnings. The liquidity generated by the liquidity fees remains in the pool forever!


New features / Listings / Wallet

New functions will be introduced on the website. The first listings outside the pools are negotiated. Several wallet connections are available. For information on how to store the tokens up to this point, see the FAQs! The liquidation fee will be reduced to the original 5%.


Further development / community integration

More features will be added. Further exchange listings will follow. Connections to mobile apps are created. A dedicated APP is already in development. The community can contribute to the development of SkyCat at any time. See also the FAQs


Global expansion

Completion of the interactive website 3.0. Further expansion and cooperation. Further stations will follow in cooperation with the community.

Distribution of tokens

Burned on start
Liquidity pools / Listings (frozen)
Incentivize ecosystem / Airdrop
Blockchain Team

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SkyCat / Pool1 / Pool2

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Who's behind SkyCat?

Frequently Asked Questions

The SkyCat Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Hodlers get a bonus, LP Acquisition, & Burn.
At the beginning there was 1,000,000,000,000,000 SkyCat. Then 50% was burned. Now there are only 500,000,000,000,000 SkyCat left. More SkyCats are burned with each transaction.

There are several possibilities for this.
1. Take part in our Airdrop and get your SkyCat completely free of charge.
2. Exchange your existing coins for SkyCat at Pancakeswap.
3. Invest in the SkyCat Pool and get your Pool bonus.
4. Trade your coins for SkyCat on an exchange.
5. hodl your SkyCat in your wallet and earn SkyCat with every transaction in the SkyCat network (the more you hodl, the more SkyCat you earn).

We recommend that you perform the following steps on your computer for the sake of simplicity.
1. Search for the browser extension Metamask and add it to your browser.
2. Follow the instructions in MetaMask to create a new wallet.
3. Write down your seed phrase in several places! Should you lose it, you will no longer have access to your funds!
4. Next we add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask.
– Click on the Metamask browser extension
– Click on Ethereum Main net in the top center
– click on special rpc at the bottom
– Enter the following data

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

5. If not done automatically, select Bionance Smart Chain in the middle above.
6. Now You have prepared everything so far. Now send some BNB to your MetaMask wallet to exchange them for SkyCat.
7. You can get BNB on Binance for example via the following link: Binance
8. Get some BNB. If you don’t know how: There are hundreds of videos that explain this in great detail.
9. Send the BNB to your Metamask wallet.
– Click on the metamask extension
– Click on the code above, which starts with 0x … (this is your wallet address)
– Now paste this address into Binance to send the BNB to your Metamask wallet
– To withdraw BNB proceed as follows: My Wallets > Spot Wallet > search for BNB > click withdraw BNB > insert your Metamask address > select binance Smart Chain > select the amount you want to send > click withdraw > if necessary, enter the verification codes
– Once everything is done, the BNB should arrive at MetaMask within a few minutes
10. Now go to Pancakeswap to get your SkyCat. PanCakeSwap
11. If not done automatically, choose BNB (not WBNB) at the top and SkyCat at the bottom
– If SkyCat is not displayed, you have to insert the following address in the lower area below: 0xf37d6f0132ecdc686cef7357f8c8722b4421bf64
– Then click on confirm / accept
– Now select the 3 sliders next to “Exchange” and enter 25 in the percentage field
– close the window by clicking on the “x”
– Now choose on the top the amount of BNB from which you want to exchange
– If nothing is displayed, you have to click on connect at the top right of the screen and connect your Metamask wallet
– Now check again whether everything is set correctly and then click on Swap below (Sometimes the button below has a different name. Then just follow the instructions)
Attention! When the exchange is complete, do not close the window, but click on “Add to MetaMask” to display SkyCat on Metamaks.

>> If you don’t see your SkyCat after a few minutes, you probably didn’t do the last step correctly. To add, click on the next question in the FAQs below <<


Thats is quite easy. First of all, of course, you should have added Metamask to the browser extensions!
Go to the following link (This is the SkyCat Smart Contract) LINK
– Now click on the 3 vertical dots on the right site (to the right of “profile summary”)
– click on “Add Token to Web3 Wallet”
– Select the Metamask wallet, if not automatically given
– click on “add token”

Then click on Yes / Continue if something should still be displayed.
You have now added SkyCat to Metamaks and you should now be able to see it if you have already received / bought some.

If you don’t already have SkyCat, go back a question in the FAQs.

First you should add SkyCat to metamask (previous point in the FAQs)

Have you added SkyCat to Metamask? Then continue via the following link: Airdrop link
As soon as the airdrop is available, the link will appear here.

Please note that fraudulent behavior of any kind with regard to the Airdrop will result in an immediate ban. In this case you are not entitled to further participation in the Aidrop!

You can store your Skycat in any wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain.
For example, you can store your SkyCat on mobile devices in the TrustWallet.

If you don’t know how to do this, more tutorials will follow soon.

Yes, we are already working on it.

Are there any questions left? Then tag us on Twitter @SkyCatapult

Or send us an email:

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